Schedule of Events

8:30 am – Welcome to a Refreshing Start

Indulge in a delightful Mimosa Morning, courtesy of Tanya Martin Skin Care, and savor the flavors of our Coffee and Tea Station by Big Wave Coffee. Shop our boutiques and meet our fabulous vendors.

9:30 am – Let The Journey Begin

Kick off the event with our legendary MC & Media All Star, Christina Mendonsa.

9:45 am – Evolutionary NOT Revolutionary with Lauren Johnson

Change is an evolutionary process not a revolutionary event. Oftentimes, we think big changes are a result of big actions. However, it’s an accumulation of small actions that leads to the big ones. In this presentation we’re going to talk about how to develop a sustainable approach to change through mindset and behaviors.

10:15 am – Hey Girl, Let’s Talk Money with Gina Richardson

Gina Richardson shares financial tips and strategies to help you become mindfully rich.

10:50 am – Girlfriend Real Talk

Dive into the essential but often uncomfortable topics we all want to know about but don’t always talk about. Hormones, mental health, legal issues, are all on the table.

11:50 am – 1:10 pm – Savor and Explore

Enjoy a leisurely lunch break. Use this time to relax, reflect on the morning’s speakers, engage in networking, and explore shopping opportunities.

1:10 pm – Laughter Therapy with Kerri Pomarolli

Kerri Pomarolli brings laughter to the stage with her comedic brilliance as she laughs at the challenges we endure as women.

1:30 pm – Bringing Radical Love to your Work and Life with Anne Descalzo

Discuss Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and challenge conventional notions of office culture.

2:00 pm – Navigating Passion and Entrepreneurship With Kara Goldin

Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint Water, shares her journey of following her passion to create a $150 Million company.

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Networking Lounge & Bar

Reflect on the day, meet other women, and enjoy hosted wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages.

4:00 pm – But Wait, There’s More!

Stay until the end for your chance to wine fabulous prizes including a $1000 VIP experience at Adrian Blanco Jewelry and more.